Spyware Rank > Bad for privacy... BUT

Protonmail is only in the good section because its mainstream & free.

Caught lacking in 4k

We all know by now how bad proton is, they got caught lacking. "no ip logs" ofc was always bullshit but they still stated they didnt log ips, which btw, for a main stream email is practically impossible.
The reason protonmail has to log IPs is for their spam protection. Being a free email service and having no logs is practically impossible, without making it invite only like riseup, they can be spammed so easily.
Proton also pushes users to use there android/ios version aswell as add there recovery email and phone number, now i understand the 2FA part, but they are trying too hard. If people want to use 2FA, they will.

Why its in the good section

The only reason i put this in the good section is because its mainstream. Its bad for privacy and they are very untrustable, but remember, they have funding, they wont shut down any time soon. Lets think about things like cyberfear or even our own email, we could go at any second.
I think proton is the best solution for a long term email because we know they wont get wiped off the internet. By no means should you think its privacy.

Best way to use it.

I'd recommend that you create protons for each account you use for random shit, don't use personal stuff for it. For phone verification see our sms service area. I also recommend using Tor and switching nodes everytime you login.
I would also highly recommend that you never use your alias for it, change the name each time you sign up, don't add recovery emails use OTP (required no internet so)
Other than that proton is 100% useless other than fast making emails that you don't have to stress about going down. Thats really it.